11:02 13.11.2023

New energy architecture of the world: 8th Gas Forum summarized in Kyiv

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Experts and organizers discussed the functioning of the energy sector in times of war and further prospects for the industry, including the development of renewable energy.

This year's 8th Gas Forum brought together 75 experts (26 from abroad) and more than 200 guests who discussed and debated the future of Ukrainian energy and why it is necessary to invest in renewable energy now.

Підсумки 8-го Газового Форуму: нова енергетична архітектура світу

According to Oleksandr Dombrovsky, Chairman of the Board of Global 100% RE Ukraine, President of MHP Eco Energy, the main task of the Ukrainian energy sector today is to find solutions that will contribute to the country's energy security and be ready for any challenges.

"The peculiarity of this forum is that for the first time we looked at the Ukrainian energy sector not in peaceful conditions, as usual, where we talked about tariffs, regulation of economic markets and energy efficiency. This year, given the second year of russia's cynical aggression, we talked about what the Ukrainian energy sector and Ukrainian energy policy should be like," he said.

Leonid Unigovskyi, Director of the Expert Council for the Development of the Gas Industry and Natural Gas Market, Ivan Hryhoruk, Vice President of Energy Club, and Petro Bilian, Editor-in-Chief of Energobusiness magazine, also gave their assessments of the situation and development of the industry.

"The aggressor wants Ukrainians not to live on their land, to have no one here. But we are living and will continue to live, so we need to solve the country's urgent problems in the energy sector. And this forum is a neutral platform that is equidistant from both the government and political forces. For us, the main thing is professionalism and expertise, and this year half of the experts were from abroad," said Leonid Mikhailovich Ugovsky.

"All participants agreed that it is necessary to take a comprehensive look at the development of the energy system as an important component of the national economy not only during the war but also in the post-war period. Therefore, it was important to identify the priority fundamental measures that will contribute to this," said Ivan Hryhoruk.

In his turn, Petro Bilyan noted that Ukraine needs to conduct a comprehensive audit of what is left of the energy sector after numerous russian attacks.

"The second and third points will involve our engineers and specialists, so that we have a consensus vision of where we are moving with the resources we have and the help we will receive. But there will be no miracle, we will have to work hard," he said.