20:10 23.06.2022

Donate for 500 tourniquets addressed to Armed Forces of Ukraine: Canada's volunteer initiatives continue to grow

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Activists from Edmonton, Canada, where one in ten residents have DNA ink to Ukraine, send aid weekly, working directly with Ukrainian Armed Forces on procurement.

The amount of private initiative for medical assistance is not comparable to lend-lease, but such a critical thing as Combat Application Tourniquet C-A-T Generation 7 black is urgently needed and it comes regularly.

In August, 500 turnstiles will be delivered to the defenders of 5 different units, now volunteers need help in collecting 16,000 cad, which is carried out by Svetlana Koshkareva, she has been living in Canada since 2013.

Her grandmother Nadiia Mikolovna Semenyuk was born in Ukraine (Smila) and was exiled with her family to Siberia (Tobolsk) in the 1930s, her relatives were shot.

Svetlana was born in Omsk, worked as a news host until 2001, and is now an employee of Statistics Canada. Fluent in French, English, Ukrainian.

How to help:

Mastercad 5191230214232788

E-transfer koshkareva73@gmail.com 

PayPal  Alexander.koshkarev@gmail.com


@LanaCanada Telegram 

+15879216650 WhatsApp

A cost and delivery report will be provided to each donor upon request. Donor names are not published without their consent.