16:13 25.01.2022

The International Programming Olympiad “BalaTech” with free participation calls for 50,000 students to learn programming

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The International Programming Olympiad “BalaTech'' for schoolchildren will be held on February 19, 2022 in an online format. Estimated 50,000 schoolchildren from the CIS countries will take part in the event and compete for a prize fund of $10,000 USD in the form of:

  • Laptops;
  • Smartphones;
  • 1,000 pounds discount in studying in the United Kingdom;
  • 1000 Euro discount for studying in Germany;
  • 2000 USD dollars discount on studying at American universities;
  • Testing for free education in Italy;
  • 50% discount on studying in Malaysian universities;
  • 10% discounts on studying at a Malaysian university.

REGISTER now on BalaTech (www.balatech.org), and/or share this wonderful opportunity with your network. More activities can be followed on Instagram by hashtags: #Balatech #UNDP #AcceleratorLab

United Nations Development Program is the official general partner, who is committed to providing accessible and inclusive digital education for the next generation to be ready for the future works! And “BalaTech” is recognized by the UNDP “Digital x Scale Accelerator” as one of the ten most impactful digital solutions in 2021, with the generous support from the Government of Japan. Thanks to UNDP, BalaTech provides all learning contents and participation at the Olympiad 2022 for FREE for all children and youth.

“BalaTech” ( www.balatech.org ) is a multilingual educational platform for children and youngsters to learn programming in an interactive way among peers. BalaTech makes learning experience fun and engaging through gamification. There are 10 learning modules with 175 challenge-based tasks that users can learn and play for FREE. For completed tasks, users receive their points to unlock the next level game with diverse virtual settings where they continue their learning adventure. With the help of UNDP “Digital X”, BalaTech has enhanced the user’s experience with a better UX design and learning algorithms. Moreover, the platform is designed to be gender sensitive to encourage more girls in learning programming. Anyone with a smartphone (not necessarily laptops) equipped with low-gadget basic internet can access the platform to learn and play from the beginning level. No prerequisite programming knowledge is required. Annually, BalaTech organizes the Olympiad to popularize programming learning among school students. The following entails the criteria and key messages of “BalaTech Olympiad” in 2022:

  • Participants: Students of grades 5-11;
  • Total estimated number of participants: 50,000  people;
  • Participating countries: Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) - Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Ukraine and others.
  • Categorization of age groups: Junior group from 5 to 7 grades, Medium group from 8 to 9 grades, and the Senior group from 10 to 11 grades;
  • The winners are awarded with Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes in each age groups;
  • The prize fund of the Olympiad is worth $ 10,000 USD (these are laptops, smartphones, discounts in international universities);
  • FREE learning content (10 learning modules with 175 general tasks and 137 additional difficult tasks) to get ready for the Olympiad;
  • FREE participation at the Olympiad.

* For any inquiries on partnership opportunities on BalaTech, please contact: +996 550984747,  tech.balatech@gmail.com. For UNDP partnership on digital innovation, please contact the Head of Experimentation at Accelerator Lab UNDP Kyrgyzstan, Jenny Jenish kyzy (Ensi Tszie) at ensi.tszie@undp.org


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