16:40 19.01.2022

How not to make a mistake when choosing a chainsaw: a checklist from Motozilla

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The owner of a private house or cottage needs a set of petrol tools, which include a chainsaw. To make minor repairs to premises and structures, to cut branches on trees can be not only difficult, but also impossible without this assistant, they say at Motozilla.

What criteria to consider when choosing a tool:

  • saw power;
  • length of the working part - tires;
  • circuit design;
  • security;
  • manufacturer and price.

Produced chainsaws are divided into household, semi-professional (farm) and professional. Their power varies from 2 to 6 kW.


For episodic work on a personal plot, a tool with low power is quite enough. The working resource is 500 hours. The optimal working time is no more than 1 hour per day. With a light weight and low vibration level, amateur-class saws will allow you to cut firewood, cut trees, make minor repairs in the house or utility rooms. Spare parts for a chainsaw of this class are cheap, you won’t have to spend a lot on maintenance, and almost any owner can afford such an accessory.


With a power of 2-3 kW, the product has twice as much resource as that of household saws. Weight up to 6 kg. A tool of this level will be needed if construction or major repairs are planned.


They are characterized by high power, high weight, the possibility of many hours of daily work. Designed for logging.

Saw set

Bars and chains with different characteristics are designed for specific workloads.


The narrow bar is used on the household version of the tool and is completed with a low profile chain. With a short bar, the saw works faster, a long bar allows you to cut large diameter trunks.

The correct choice of length affects the quality of work, prevents unnecessary consumption of gasoline, premature wear of the chainsaw. Do not exceed the parameter specified in the instructions for the tool. To reduce the weight of professional saws, lightweight tires are available. They have a polyamide insert between two steel plates.


Saw chains from all manufacturers have three pitch designations (in inches): 0.325, 3/8 and 0.404. The optimal pitch for household saws with a low profile chain is 0.325. Provides low vibration, designed for short-term operation.

3/8 pitch and 0.404 pitch chains are designed for continuous use with professional chainsaws.

Work safety

Chainsaws are equipped with a guard or a brake lever to protect the worker from a “reverse impact”. Swedish-made models do not have such devices.

Price corridor and manufacturing firms

Prices for chainsaws, depending on the brand and purpose, range from 1,500 to 15,000 UAH. Large European manufacturers offer original quality products at the right price.

More budget saws of well-known brands made in China, but their quality is somewhat lower, respectively, buying spare parts for Chinese chainsaws, you significantly save on maintenance. The right choice of tool is a guarantee of its effective and long work, saving money, effort and time of the owner.