20:18 31.03.2021

Zelensky declares over UAH 22.7 mln of family income over 2020

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Zelensky declares over UAH 22.7 mln of family income over 2020

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has declared UAH 22.748 million of family income over 2020, according to the presidential press service.

In particular, according to the released electronic declaration of property and income over 2020, the salary of the head of state amounted to UAH 336,000. The president's wife has declared UAH 952,900 of salary from the main place of work at Kvartal 95 LLC.

Zelensky also indicated in the declaration a fee of UAH 4.634 million received from Kvartal 95 LLC, Kvartal TV LLC, Drive Production LLC, Kinostolytsia LLC.

From the sale of property in 2020, the Zelensky family received UAH 13.471 million.

The family's income from the lease of property on the territory of Ukraine amounted to UAH 2.674 million. Interest on deposits and bonds of the internal government loan in the amount of UAH 442,109 was declared as well.

The total income of the Zelensky's family in 2020, excluding the property sale, amounted to UAH 9.74 million.

In addition, Zelensky declared a new property object, a state-owned summer cottage in Koncha-Zaspa on the right of use, the move to which is associated with the need to ensure mandatory state protection.

Zelensky is still the owner of a large number of trademarks (a total of 40 and seven more with joint use rights). In 2020, some 13 trademarks were also registered in Ukraine and two abroad. Registration of trademarks started long before his election to the presidency.

The Price Water House Coopers company finished an appraisal of two brands in 2020.

According to the relevant statements, the value of the Women Kvartal trademark is UAH 21.390 million. The cost of the Servant of the People trademark, which was also assessed by this company, amounted to UAH 11.200 million.

Zelensky continues to receive royalties from the use of trademarks. In 2020, the amount of royalties was UAH 4.634 million and decreased year-over-year.

In addition, the Zelensky family paid taxes to the budget in the amount of UAH 1.800 million.

According to the declaration, the president and his wife have the right to use an apartment in the UK with an area of 91.9 square meters.

In Ukraine, Zelensky has declared a residential apartment with an area of 131.9 square meters.

The head of state also owns a 25% stake in the apartment together with the founder of the Kvartal 95 studio, presidential aide Serhiy Shefir and the scriptwriter and producer of the Kvartal 95 studio Borys Shefir, whose share is, respectively, 25% and 50% of the specified living space with 254.5 square meters. In addition, Zelensky owns 50% share of another apartment with an area of 198.6 square meters together with Serhiy Shefir (also 50% share).

In addition, Zelensky declared ownership of three patents for inventions and three patents for utility models, which are not disclosed in the declaration.

In turn, the wife of the head of state, according to the declaration, owns two apartments with an area of 284 square meters and 129.8 square meters, as well as a 33.34% share of non-residential premises (337.8 square meters) together with 33.33% Olena Shefir and 33.33% with Larysa Shefir.

The president indicated in the declaration that owns a 2016 LAND ROVER car, and his wife has a 2014 MERCEDES-BENZ S 500 4 MATIC car.

The head of state declared also wristwatches of brands BREGUET, Tag Heuer, ROLEX, Bovet, while his wife declared Piaget and BREGUET, as well as a jewelry set with diamonds from Graff. The price was not disclosed.