17:49 23.09.2021

More than quarter of Ukrainians stand for ORDLO autonomy, same number stand for their isolation - Social Monitoring opinion poll

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KYIV. Sept 23 (Interfax-Ukraine) – More than a quarter (27.9%) of Ukrainians support the granting of autonomous status to certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (ORDLO) not controlled by the government as part of Ukraine as a solution to their problem, according to the results of an all-Ukrainian public opinion poll conducted by the Social Monitoring Center on September 11-19.

At the same time, 28.5% support the official recognition that these territories in the coming years cannot be returned to Ukraine, and the isolation of ORDLO. Some 18.4% support the continuation of hostilities aimed at restoring full control of Ukraine over these territories by military means, and 25.2% found it difficult to answer the question.

Some 40.3% of the respondents said that they would support the decision to grant autonomy within Ukraine at the relevant referendum if it was held, 42% would not support, and 17.7% found it difficult to answer.

In the regional context, this decision was supported by the majority of residents of the east (52.5%), southern Ukraine (60.4%) and Donbas (57.8%), a relative minority of residents of the center (35.3% versus 44.7%) and an absolute minority of westerners (20.9).

At the same time, two-thirds of respondents said that they receive socio-political information about events in Ukraine by means of television, and of these, 11.8% said that from Russian television channels (5.4% in the west, 8.2% in the center of the country , 20.9% in the east, 29.2% in Donbas, and 16.8% in the south of Ukraine).

In the course of the study, 3,010 respondents aged 18 and over were interviewed by the method of individual interviews at the place of residence of respondents in all government-controlled regions of Ukraine. The standard deviation is 1.1-1.9.