11:18 31.08.2017

SBS-Nadiya to build shopping center with psychological adaptation center for ATO veterans in Kyiv

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KYIV. Aug 31 (Interfax-Ukraine) – SBS-Nadiya LLC (Kyiv) intends to implement a project to build a shopping center at the intersection of Nauky Avenue and Stratehychne Shose in Holosiyivsky district of Kyiv where some premises will be transferred for the creation of the psychological adaptation center for anti-terrorist operation (ATO) veterans.

"This is a facility of social purpose. The construction company signed a memorandum with one of the veteran organizations. According to these agreements, part of the premises after the construction of this shopping center will be transferred for the creation of an adaptation center," Director of SBS-Nadiya, ATO veteran Dmytro Siniuka said at a press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday.

Co-founder of Stone Engineering, the general contractor for the center construction, Hanna Skuratova, said that the total estimated cost of the project, taking into account the works on the improvement of the territories is about UAH 24 million. The project includes a shopping center with a total area of 1,653 square meters, a lettable area of 1,491 square meters and a retail area of 650 square meters. A two-storey building with one underground floor will be located on a 0.08 ha land parcel.

She said that the main retail area of the shopping center will be occupied by a supermarket. It is planned to place small stores of household goods and personal services points. The project does not provide for accommodation of any entertainment facilities in the shopping center.

At the same time, about 200 square meters will be allocated for the creation of the center for psychological adaptation of ATO veterans will be allocated, Skuratova said.

According to the co-founder of Stone Engineering, the company intends to green the area around the shopping center and adjacent areas, organize lighting there and reconstruct the nearby staircase and children's playground.

In addition, the company intends to improve the Square of Volunteers located at the intersection of Nauky Avenue and Stratehychne Shose.

"If the residents of nearby houses have any other wishes, then we will find them out in the course of the dialogue and also try to implement them," Skuratova added.

Lawyer Valeriya Zarubina said that the construction of the shopping center started on August 17, 2017, but it was temporarily stopped due to a conflict with local residents, which occurred as a result of false widespread information about the unlawfulness of this construction project.

According to Zarubina, the builder legally received all the necessary permits for the construction of the center.

"To eliminate social tension and properly inform residents of the adjacent houses about the grounds of this building, construction work was stopped solely on the initiative of the developer. There are no recommendations or prohibitions on the part of the local authorities today, "she said.

Skuratova said that initially the deadline for the construction of the shopping center was set for May 2018. However, due to the suspension of work, the facility may be completed later.

SBS-Nadiya and Stone Engineering hope to resolve the conflict with local residents and resume construction in the coming weeks.


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