18:39 25.04.2014

Poll: Seven parties surmount 3% barrier at elections to Kyiv council under party lists

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Kyiv, April 25 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Seven parties - UDAR, Batkivschyna, Svoboda, Solidarity, the European Party, the Radical Party of Oleh Liashko and the Civil Position Party - could pass the 3% of the vote barrier to win seats on Kyiv City Council, according to the poll conducted by Razumkov Center in Kyiv from April 11-17.

According to the poll, among the voters who are going to take part in the May 25 elections to Kyiv city council and who have already determined their choice, 42.1% would vote for UDAR Party (Vitali Klitschko), 15.4% - for Batkivschyna (Yulia Tymoshenko), 9.7% - for Svoboda (Oleh Tiahnybok), 8.2% - for Solidarity (Petro Poroshenko), 6.4% - for European Party of Ukraine (Mykola Katerynchuk), 3.8% - Radical Party of Oleh Liashko, 3.1% - Civil Position Party (Anatoliy Hrytsenko).

Right Sector is close to the 3% barrier, and could get the support of 2.8% of those polled.

Moreover, 1.6% of the respondents said they would vote for Regions Party, 1.5% - for Communist Party and Party "Kyiv is Above All", Democratic Alliance – 1.3% and Yednist (Unity) – 1.1%.

Party "Samopomich Union" (Self-help, led by Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy) gains less than 1%.

Besides, 7.1% of voters said they would support neither of the parties, and 8.6% said they won't take part in the elections, 14.9% found it difficult to answer.

As reported, 2,039 respondents over 18 years old were polled.