15:48 01.11.2019

Chasova Varta fantasy series to be shot in Ukraine

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KYIV. Nov 1 (Interfax-Ukraine) - Ukraine has started preparations for shooting a fantasy television series Chasova Varta (Time Watch), which was adapted from a famous Spanish project El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time). The latter's first two seasons were assigned with high ratings and praised by audiences, while its third season was created jointly with Netflix.

At a press conference hosted by the Kyiv-based Interfax-Ukraine News agency, producer Mykhailo Panchenko announced the launch of the project.

"We are finalizing TV pilot scripts, the shooting of a teaser and the series is at the final stage of pre-production," Panchenko said.

The project participants said that the TV series will plunge its audience into breathtaking and thrilling dramatic events in the history of Ukraine. Chasova Varta will show the audience adventures of specialists for control over intrusions into various epochs. They will be a sort of defenders of the gate of time.

The TV series Chasova Varta will be created with the assistance of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Famous scriptwriters and play writers Maksym Kurochkin and Oksana Savchenko along with journalist Vitaliy Portnikov are in the project team.

Portnikov said that the main goal of the project is to attract Ukrainian audience's interest to its own history through a lively TV series in a popular fantasy genre.

The filmmakers promised that this Ukrainian TV series will grab interest of a wide auditory, including those who love thrilling historical drama and those who prefer popular time travel TV series.

Chasova Varta will be demonstrated all over Ukraine and it is also planned to show the TV series abroad.

The project team includes:

producer Mykhailo Panchenko,

scriptwriters Maksym Kurochkin and Oksana Savchenko,

co-author Vitaliy Portnikov,

directors Roman Sinchuk and Hanna Smoliy,

cameraman Yevhen Kyrei,

artistic director Inha Zhytnia,

costume designers Inha Zhytnia and Danylo Huliayev,

project manager Vitaliy Miroshnykov.

Starring will be Oleksiy Horbunov, Serhiy Syzoniuk, Lesia Nikitiuk, Serhiy Parkhomenko, Liudmyla Mylevych, Oleksandr Kurnosov, and others.