18:46 13.11.2018

VF Consulting Services claims illegal investigation into company's operations

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KYIV. Nov 13 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Top managers of VF Consulting Services LLC, the company, which is part of VFS Global, the world's largest outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide, has claimed the illegal actions of law enforcement agencies and the judicial system and addressed the country's leadership to pay attention to this problem.

"Despite the fact that we are part of a large international business and are fully prepared to cooperate with local authorities, the law enforcement system has been mocking us for more than six months, using criminal proceedings that were opened more than two and a half years ago against third parties and companies that we do not even know about,", Director General of VF Consulting Services LLC Heorhiy Shevchenko said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday.

According to the lawyer, partner of JSC Interregional Bar Association Volodymyr Musiyenko, in the criminal case investigating into the creation of fictitious business entities, in which neither VF Consulting Services, nor its employees, have any procedural status, they were examined them, seized documents, raided premises, seized computer equipment, arrested bills and property.

Shevchenko said that according to a court decision, the arrested property of the company was to be returned, however, "under various pretexts, law enforcement officers refused to return the property and report on the grounds why it is not returned." According to the director general of the company, it turned out that under another decision of the court the property was repeatedly arrested.

He said that these actions pose a threat to Ukrainian business and the country as a whole, especially taking into account the adopted laws on protecting business from illegal actions of the law enforcement system.

The general director of the company said that in this regard, the company intends to file a complaint against the actions of the judge who made the decision to re-arrest the property, to demand that the prosecutor who initiated the decision be brought to justice.

"We will once again appeal to the President, the Prime Minister, the Prosecutor General with a request to investigate and punish the prosecutor and the judges, who exercise pressure on the business of the international company," he said.

Commenting on what this pressure may be connected with, Shevchenko said: "I do not think that we can talk about competition. We do not work in the Ukrainian market in fact. First of all we provide our services to diplomatic missions... It is hard for me to say what exactly it can be connected with. I think that this is some kind of initiative of people of a low level of the law enforcement system."