15:09 06.07.2018

Family conducting parallel investigation into murder of Dmytro's son, police's competence leaves much to be desired – ex MP Rzhavsky

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KYIV. July 6 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the third convocation Oleksandr Rzhavsky declares incompetence of law enforcement officers in the investigation of the murder of his eldest son Dmytro.

"My eldest son Dmytro was killed. His murder was like a brutal execution, and not just murder or a domestic homicide, when the accounts are being settled," Rzhavsky said at a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency on Friday.

According to the ex-deputy, he hoped for a public reaction to this incident and the mobilization of law enforcement agencies for an early and effective investigation.

"Unfortunately, the competence of the police leaves much to be desired," Rzhavsky added.

He claims that all examinations are conducted with delays, in particular, the examination of his computer has not been conducted yet. Also, according to the victim's father, law enforcement officers do not conduct examination of a crime scene.

Rzhavsky said at a press conference that the family is conducting a parallel investigation.

"How can it be, if on the fifth day I collect video from the cameras of his last way from home to the place of the event, and I am the first who asked for video from the cameras. There were neither investigators, nor witnesses. The family wasn't interrogated either," he stressed.

According to Rzhavsky, before the crime was committed, for some time his son had been receiving threats on crackdown on him and his family from the people with whom he cooperated in business. At the same time, he notes, the amount of financial inconsistency between the parties does not correspond to the scale of the crime committed.

In addition, the ex-deputy said that recently his family had received some information from external sources, which is now being checked, and subsequently could "shed light on what had happened."

A few days ago, Rzhavsky reported on Facebook that his son had been found dead in his own production depots, indicating that his son "was killed in a terrible barbarous way."