09:51 04.03.2022


Don't close your eyes, close the sky over Ukraine!

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Don't close your eyes, close the sky over Ukraine!

Marina Golub, owner of the communication agency GOLUBi GROUP



Dear people of the free world, 

Respected people in NATO!

People in Congress!

People in the Senate!

People in European parliaments!

For many years, namely 30 years, you have taught us how to build an independent state.

You told me what laws should be in a Democratic state.

You held a lot of summits, conferences, round tables where your top speakers told us about the basic values of free and democratic countries.

You have always rightly reproached us for our shortcomings: corruption, slow reforms, and so on.

And we tried to correct this and be worthy of a free democratic world.

We built the country, wrote laws, and enshrined in the Constitution our desire to join the EU and NATO.

But all this time you were missing something. We should have done more! We should have done better! We should have done it faster!

And we accepted it and worked on it.

And when the bombs of the occupier flew at our country, when our country is being destroyed, when Russia wants to conquer our independent and free country, you are not ready to defend the values of a free democratic world!

Yes, you are helping us - and we are grateful!

And for weapons, and for sanctions, and for medicines, and for food, and even for flags in instances!

But now I want to tell you: you can do better, you can do more, you can do faster!

Close the sky over Ukraine!

This is not only the war of Ukraine!

This is the war of the free world with tyranny!

And so that in a completely understandable language for all people - everyone knows who the abuser is! Everyone knows about his crimes with evidence!

The injured party demands punishment.

And the judges offer a lot of money for abortion and medical treatment.

It shouldn't be like this! 

Remember everything you told us! And close the sky over Ukraine!

Because today we are the only ones standing in the way of the occupier in your direction!