Vita Semerenko comes 18th at Olympics race, Dahlmeier gets second gold

Ukrainian biathlete Vita Semerenko has taken the 18th place in the 10 km pursuit race at the Winter Olympics-2018 in Pyeongchang.

She started from the 14th position, which she took in the sprint. At the distance on Monday, Vita Semerenko had four misses when shooting at four footing stages: she made three while shooting lying down and one in upright shooting.

Another Ukrainian Anastasia Merkushina took 46th place with misses. She started from the 55th position.

Valya Semerenko did not take part in this distance after she took the 46th place in the sprint.

The first place in the pursuit and the second gold medal at the Olympics-2018 was won by German Laura Dahlmeier (with one miss). The Slovak Anastasiya Kuzmina got silver medal. She started in pursuit from the 13th place (four misses). The Frenchwoman Anais Beskond, who managed to rise from the 19th place in the sprint to the third in the pursuit, won bronze medal. She has one miss.

The Winter Olympic Games are held in Pyeongchang from February 9 to February 25.