Ukrainian fencer Natalia Morkvych takes gold at Fencing World Cup among Paralympic athletes

Ukrainian fencer Natalia Morkvych has won at the Fencing World Cup among the Paralympic athletes in the Italian Pisa.

"Natalia Morkvych has won her first gold award in the rapier fencing among women of category A," the press service of the National Sports Committee for the Disabled of Ukraine said.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko also noted the achievement of the champion. "We congratulate Natalia Morkvych with her first gold medal at the World Cup stage in wheelchair fencing," the president wrote on Twitter.

Щиро вітаємо Наталію Морквич з її першою золотою медаллю на етапі кубка світу з фехтування на візках.Браво!

— Петро Порошенко (@poroshenko) 19 марта 2017 г.