Ships of Ukrainian Navy start practical tasks of United Efforts 2020 drills - Defense Ministry

The ship tactical group of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has begun practical implementation of tasks within the framework of the strategic command and staff exercises United Efforts 2020, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports.

"At the place of permanent basing, the crews of the ships replenished the necessary supplies and worked out the tasks of preparing for the battle and the campaign. Moving to the area of fulfillment of the tasks, the tactical group passed the navigable canal of the Dnieper-Bug Canal, after which it performed elements of general maneuvering at sea," it said on Facebook.

Training continued during anchorage in an unprotected roadstead. Later, in the dark, naval sailors, with the help of naval equipment, launched and lifted high-speed motor boats, as well as rapprochement and mooring of the group's ships to each other.

"In general, the maritime component of the United Efforts 2020 command and control system provides for the implementation of a set of practical tasks in the Black Sea. In particular, the teams of the ships of the Russian fleet will work out the transition by sea in formation and orders, artillery fire, trawling of mine-dangerous water areas, struggle, amphibious assault landing on an unequipped section of the coast and others," the ministry said.

All activities at sea are carried out in close cooperation with participants in other components of the exercise and under the clear leadership of strategic and operational levels of command.

Earlier, it was reported that ships of NATO units located in the Black Sea will also be involved in the exercises.