Pre-trial investigation into Poroshenko's case on appointing Semochko completed, petition on measure of restraint not subject of consideration – lawyer Novikov

The pre-trial investigation of the criminal proceeding related to fifth president of Ukraine, leader of European Solidarity party Petro Poroshenko, on appointing Serhiy Semochko as First Deputy Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, has been completed despite it was recently extended for three months, said lawyer Illia Novikov.

"The PGO (Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine) is in panic. Last night until 00.30 they have been convincing judge of the Pechersky court Batrin that they needed another three months to complete the investigation on the appointment of Semochko...And today it turned out that they had yesterday the investigation was completed. Judge Batryn attempts in vain...The petition for Poroshenko's measure of restraint is not subject to consideration," Novikov wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

At the same time, he published a scan of the notification of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) about the completion of the relevant pre-trial investigation on July 7, which stated that the evidence collected during the investigation was sufficient to draw up an indictment.

In turn, co-chair of the European Solidarity faction, Iryna Gerashchenko, confirmed this information and said that prosecutors could not provide the court with documents certified by the prosecutor general to complete the pre-trial investigation.

"Tonight, the Pechersky court decided to continue the investigation in the so-called 'Semochko case', Zelensky prosecutor's office demanded the court extend measure of restraint for Poroshenko until July 10. The prosecutors have just stated that the investigation was completed, that is an hour later, and not after three months, the case was sent to court. At the same time, prosecutors cannot provide in court either copies or documents certified by the prosecutor general to complete the pre-trial investigation. This is a farce," Gerashchenko wrote on her Facebook page.