Law on special status of Donbas will be written in Ukraine's parliament, in dialogue with the people, not outside of Ukraine – Servant of the People

The law on the special status of Donbas will be developed in parliament in dialogue with society and not outside of Ukraine, member of parliament from the Servant of the People Party faction Oleksandr Kachura has said.

Under the previous president [Petro Poroshenko], in order to start negotiations in the Normandy format, he adopted a special law on the special status of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. We will not adopt this law without discussion with the public," Kachura said in Kyiv during a roundtable discussion on Monday.

Kachura said the law would not be written outside of Ukraine.

"It will not be written by foreigners, the Russian Federation. It will be written in the Ukrainian parliament, in an open dialogue with the Ukrainian people," he said.

Reacting to comments made by co-chairperson of the European Solidarity Party faction Iryna Gerashchenko that there is no law "on the special status of Donbass," but there is a law on the special procedure for local self-government in certain regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions (ORDLO), Kachura said that the Ukrainian people know the legislation as a "special status law," and recalled what it provides.

Kachura said "there is no surrender" in President Volodymyr Zelensky's and the Servant of the People Party's strategy to end the war in the Donbas and restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

"We are on one side. On the other side are all the others. Let us now concentrate on unity within the country so that we together form a strong position and achieve results," he said

Kachura pointed out that the authorities have the so-called "Plan A," and if it doesn't work, then "Plan B" will be presented to the public. He said it is not time yet to reveal the details of the plan.