Trukhanov has one Greek, two Russian passports

Ex-mayor of Odesa Eduard Hurvits has stated that incumbent Mayor of Odesa Hennadiy Trukhanov has three foreign passports.

"Two years ago we received information about two Russian passports of Mr. Trukhanov," he said on the air of the Shuster Live show on Friday night.

According to Hurvits, Trukhanov received one of the passports in Buynaksk (the Russian Federation) in 1992 after demobilization from the army, after ten years "the passport was extended."

"He received another passport in Sergiyev Posad, which, according to our knowledge, is the abode of the Russian Federal Security Service, a lot of people working for the Federal Security Service are registered there. He got this passport in Sergiyev Posad and arrived in 2011 to re-register it in connection with his 45th anniversary," the ex-mayor of Odesa said.

"There is the third passport - a Greek one. It is issued to citizen Uzulopus, a migrant from Georgia. There is information in the German police that Mr. Trukhanov detained in Dusseldorf has a passport registered for the name of Uzulopus," Hurvits added.