Poroshenko points at necessity of accelerating deregulation processes

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko supports the quick deregulation in Ukraine and the reduction of the number of services provided by state authorities, as they are additional obstacles both for business representatives and ordinary citizens, the president's press service has reported.

"If we are talking about the simplification of business conditions in Ukraine, if we want to demonstrate to the world that the country has radically changed, the issue of deregulation is a top priority," he said at the seventh meeting of the National Reforms Council.

The press service said that the issue must be settled at the legislative level.

"We must choose priorities and develop a model. Then we must provide expert evaluation and settle this issue legislatively in the nearest time," Poroshenko said, adding that the current system solely creates conditions for corruption.

The president expressed hope that the prime minister and lawmakers will endorse respective bills on the acceleration of deregulation.