Rada ready to make decisions on power market, including transfer of market launch, but govt should initiate this

People's deputies are ready to ensure the transfer of the launch of the market at the legislative level, but the relevant initiative should come from the government, Lev Pidlisetsky, a member of the parliamentary committee on fuel and energy complex, nuclear policy and nuclear safety, has said.

"We are ready to be the shoulder for the Cabinet and accept any changes, if they are required, including changes about the postponement. We even drafted the corresponding bill," he said at the round table, noting that today there were no such requests from the executive power, and recalling that for making a decision on the transfer of the launch of the market, "a week or two" has left.

In his opinion, the Cabinet of Ministers should weigh all the risks and benefits of the timely launch of the new wholesale electricity market planned for July and decide on the need to transfer it.

"The minister [Energy and Coal Industry Ihor Nasalyk] said yesterday that everything is ready, and he is not worrying about anything, so on July 1 everything should be as planned. I personally doubt that everything will go well without changes in the laws," Pidlisetsky said.