Three largest mobile operators predicts launch of 4G for 1800 MHz band in July

The big three of Ukrainian mobile operators predicts that the 4G communications technology for the 1800 MHz band could be launched in July 2018, representatives of all three mobile operators told reporters after an auction held on Tuesday.

CEO of mobile operator lifecell Ismet Yazici said that his operator is ready to launch 4G communications in July, as soon as conversion of radio frequencies is finished.

"We will launch in the 1800 MHz band in July. Nobody has the right to launch it until July. Everyone should start simultaneously. Now it will be a frequency exchange. This is a difficult and complicated operation. I'm not even sure that Ukraine had precedents of such a grand exchange frequencies," Kyivstar President Peter Chernyshov said.

He said that from the point of view of infrastructure, Kyivstar has everything ready to launch 4G in the1800 MHz frequency band.

CEO of Vodafone Ukraine Olha Ustinova also said that the network of her operator is ready for the launch of 4G communication.

"I predict that in the 2600 MHz band we will launch it at the end of March, if nothing happens. In the 1800 MHz band - early July," she said.

Previously, all operators had forecasted that 4G communications would be launched late March or early April.