Three largest mobile operators pay almost UAH 5.5 bln for 4G in 1800 MHz band

The three largest Ukrainian mobile operators on March 6 undertook to pay UAH 5.434 billion for 4G licenses in the 1800 MHz band.

According to an Interfax-Ukraine correspondent, the persons who received the right to trading by voice on behalf of the operators were President of Kyivstar Peter Chernyshov, Lifecell CEO Ismet Yazici and Vodafone-Ukraine Director for Corporate Governance Oleh Prozhyvalsky.

The auction was conducted by Chairman of the National Commission for Communications Regulation (NCCR) Oleksandr Zhyvotovsky.

Kyivstar became the winner of the auction for the fourth lot after 24 increments with a price offer of UAH 612 million with the starting price being UAH 271.625 million.

Vodafone-Ukraine became the winner on the fifth lot after 31 increments with a price offer of UAH 742 million with the starting price standing at UAH 265 million.

The winner on the sixth lot after 43 increments became Kyivstar with a price offer of UAH 900 million with the starting price being UAH 271.625 million.

In general, taking into account the three licenses received according to the right of first refusal, following the results of the tender the operators will pay UAH 5.434 billion to the budget.

The report says compared to the expected amount (in accordance with the initial prices for lots some UAH 3.988 billion), in general the budget will receive UAH 1.446 billion more.

In addition, the subjects of conversion, specified in the tender conditions, to ensure the continuity of provision of telecommunications services to their subscribers, are entitled to receive part of radio frequency bands at a fixed price.

Thus, Lifecell bought lot No. 1 in the 15 MHz band for a fixed price of UAH 795 million. Kyivstar purchased lot No. 2 of 25 MHz for UAH 1.325 billion. Vodafone-Ukraine bought lot No. 3 of 20 MHz for UAH 1.06 billion.