Rada differentiates excise duties for different types of tobacco products

Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada has backed amendments to the Tax Code regarding the use of the different design of excise duties for cigarettes and cigarillos.

According to the amendments, the excise duties for these goods will differ in design and color.

As reported, tobacco manufacturers said that the types of excise stamps for tobacco products are not in line with the current taxation system, which complicates the control of the flow of excisable goods and creates opportunities for tax evasion.

In this case, according to the current tax legislation, the tax rate for cigarettes is set in hryvnias for 1,000 pieces, while the rate for cigars and cigarillos is set in hryvnias per kilogram, while both cigarettes and cigarillos are labeled with the same excise label.

The Rada also supported the gradual - until 2025 - increase in the specific rate of the excise duty for tobacco products and the minimum excise duty obligation to pay excise tax on tobacco products, namely: in 2018 - by 29.7%, in subsequent years - by 20%, to a level equivalent to EUR 90 per 1,000 units.