Ukraine boosts installed generating capacity of equipment by 505.6 MW in 2016

The entire installed generating capacity of equipment operating in the Ukrainian power grid in 2016 grew by 505.6 MW, to 55,331 MW, the press service of national energy company Ukrenergo has reported.

The figure takes into account 3,943 MW of generating facilities located in the occupied areas of Donbas.

Unit three of Dnistrovska hydroelectric pumped storage power plant with the installed capacity of 324 MW was launched last year.

Unit two of Trypilska thermal power plant (TPP) with the generating capacity of 25 MW, unit six of Burshtyn TPP (10 MW), unit five of Burshtyn TPP (7 MW) and units of large hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) were reconstructed.

Last year new solar power plants with the installed generating capacity of 98.8 MW, wind farms (11.6 MW), biofuel power plants (10.2 MW), new and restored HPP (2.8 MW) were launched.

Cogeneration unit with the capacity of 2.5 MW was launched last year and the capacity of one of the gas-fueled reciprocating power plants was increased by 3.9 MW.

However, Alzhyhorska wind farm with a capacity of 0.65 MW was dismantled.

In 2016, the share of TPP of the total installed generating capacity of Ukrainian power grid was 50.3% (27,845 MW), nuclear power plants (NPPs) – 25% (13,835 MW), combined heat and power plants (CHPP) – 11.7% (6,469 MW), HPP – 8.5% (4,711 MW).