14:59 25.11.2022


russia is already purchasing weapons not only from Iran, but also trying to negotiate with Sudan!

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russia is already purchasing weapons not only from Iran, but also trying to negotiate with Sudan!

Ihor Zhdanov, Information Defense Project, The “Open Policy” Foundation


russia's stocks of high-precision weapons and artillery ammunition have decreased so much that it is trying to purchase them all over the world, first of all in the countries of the Middle East and recently in Africa (!).

As you may know, purchases were made in Iran previously, but its weapons production capabilities can only partially cover the needs of the aggressor's army. Now the russians have intensified their efforts in other countries that are not formally allies of the russian federation.

russia understands that due to its own high toxicity, the negative reaction of the world community, the search for new sources and ways of supplying weapons to the russian federation must be carried out as closed as possible. Therefore, the Kremlin is working out such solutions that, firstly, could confuse Ukraine and our Western partners as much as possible, and, second, in case of the discovery of such equipment, would allow arms sellers to avoid responsibility and sanctions for the sale of weapons to the russian federation.

One of the relevant examples is the supply of Iranian drones to the russian army and the efforts of Iranian officials to deny the fact of their direct supply after the start of russia's large-scale aggression against Ukraine.

Another way is to purchase weapons "under a foreign flag". Well, the russians can try to purchase ammunition, other weapons, pretending to be intermediaries who buy weapons for Ukraine or some third country.

Recently, the geography of possible suppliers of weapons has been expanding. According to our insider information, the russians are now trying to find ammunition even in Africa, for example, in Sudan (!). Recently, an official russian delegation was there - it is clear that it was not a courtesy visit. It should not be surprising that weapon dealers who work for the russian federation have visited Sudan.

Some of the readers may be surprised to ask: what can be purchased in Sudan?

In fact, this country has a powerful defence industry, in particular, it is a home to a large military-industrial corporation, the Military Industry Corporation, which produces products compatible with the systems in service with the russian federation. Sudan has strong ties with russia, both official, which have been developed since Soviet times, and semi-legal, which are carried out through PMK “Wagner”.

However, each secret sooner or later becomes known to the entire world.

Currently, Sudan is trying to completely get out of the international sanctions that were imposed on this state back in 2018. But if Sudan sells weapons to russia, then the lifting of sanctions can be forgotten for many years. Based on strategic considerations, such equipment is clearly not in the national interests of this country. On the other hand, the lifting of sanctions will become much closer if Sudan says a “no” to the supply of weapons to the aggressor country.

Ukraine and our Western partners must act as a united front against russia's new weapons. We need to combine the efforts and capabilities of both diplomats and intelligence agencies to prevent such a scenario.

After all, every new munition, every new missile, every new drone supplied to the russian army is another strike by the occupiers on the positions of our soldiers, on peaceful Ukrainian cities, on critical infrastructure.

These are new deaths that we can prevent.