Denys Aloshyn

Denys Aloshyn

Chief Strategy Officer UkrLithiumMining LLC

Expertise in the following areas:

  • Subsoil use - extraction of minerals and development of the greenfield mining projects.
  • Attracting international partners to the greenfield mining projects.
  • Extraction and processing of lithium-containing minerals.
  • Conducting mineral resource assessments according to international standards, particularly JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee).
  • Assessment of social and environmental impacts according to international and European standards, such as ESIA (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment).
  • Extraction of minerals of strategic importance to the economy.


2002 - International Christian University (Kyiv), Bachelor of Business Administration.

Career experience:

2002-2005 - Project Manager in the IT field.

2005-2006 - Deloitte Ukraine (Kyiv), Auditor.

2007-2010 - Concorde Capital investment bank (Kyiv). Progressed from Analyst to Director of Investment Banking Department.

2010-2019 - Visum Capital investment company (Kyiv), Head of Investment Banking and Project Development Department, particularly in the field of mining and industrial projects.

2019-2023 - UkrLithiumMining LLC (Kirovohrad region), Chief Strategy Officer.

Achievements in the position:

  • Set up of a professional team for the development of a lithium deposit.
  • Conducting preparatory stages for the study and initiation of projects in the field of mineral extraction.

Experience in the position:

  • Attracting experienced international partners for the preparatory stages of lithium mineral extraction.
  • Conducting resource assessments according to the international JORC standard.
  • Conducting environmental impact assessments, etc.

UkrLithiumMining LLC

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In 2017, UkrLithiumMining LLC acquired a special permit for the development of the Polokhivske lithium deposit.

As of 2023, the following works and studies have been carried out to study the deposit and the properties of the mineral resources:

Several drilling campaigns were conducted from 2018 to 2021, totaling over 5,000 meters. This significantly improved the geological understanding of the deposit and allowed for a reevaluation of the reserves according to the international JORC code. The JORC resource statement was signed in March 2021.

Metallurgical tests were conducted on the ore obtained during drilling at the Anzaplan Dorfner laboratory (Germany). Spodumene concentrate and lithium carbonate (battery grade) were produced, meeting the requirements of cathode manufacturers for lithium-ion batteries.

In 2022, significant improvements were made to the production parameters of the concentrate at the Metso Outotec laboratory (Finland). Laboratory production of lithium carbonate and hydroxide was initiated.

Comprehensive studies are being conducted on the technological and financial-economic parameters of the project, as well as its potential impact on the environment.

Contracts have already been signed with well-known international contractors for conducting a Pre-Feasibility Study, which will be completed by the end of 2023. Among them are AMC Consulting (United Kingdom), Metso Outotec (Finland), Knight Piesold (United Kingdom), and RTEK (Australia).

A tender has been conducted, and work has commenced on the preparation of an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study, which will take approximately 1.5 years. The main objective is to ensure that mining and processing activities at the Polokhivske lithium deposit comply with international environmental impact standards.

The Definitive Feasibility Study is planned for 2024, which will be the final stage of research to justify the key technological and financial-economic parameters for the construction of a petalite mining shaft and an enrichment plant.