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Simplification of importing pesticides not registered in Ukraine could turn country into testing ground - Ukravit

KYIV. Feb 28 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the bill to simplify imports of pesticides, not registered in Ukraine (No. 6606), could turn the country into a testing ground, Vitaliy Ilchenko, the owner of the Ukravit group of companies, believes.

"This is a way to make a large agrarian laboratory from Ukraine, a testing ground. New chemicals that have been tested but not certified in other countries are likely to be imported. And the company, having spent considerable funds, not to lose them, will be able to register them in Ukraine and do business in such a way. Ukraine in the world is perceived as a European country and when registering the drug, then on this basis it will be possible to conduct registration in many countries," he said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine.

According to Ilchenko, today Ukrainian scientific institutions for conducting experiments have the right to import and register chemical substances in a small amount.

"To use chemicals in Ukrainian fields, it is necessary to go through the process of state registration. In Ukraine it lasts from one to two years, while the process of registration of new active substances in the EU is up to ten years," the owner of the group said.

Ilchenko said the Verkhovna Rada plans to consider bill No. 6606 on March 1.

Co-investor in the Ukrainian Business Hub project Volodymyr Chepovy said this bill contradicts European standards.

"This is a precedent for lobbying the law, which violates European norms. The clear interests of global corporations are lobbied. It is advantageous for them to have such territory as our country where it is possible to conduct rapid experiments," he said.