Putin's 'peace proposals' content is highly offensive to international law – Podoliak

The content of the "peace proposals" to Ukraine voiced by Putin on the eve of the Peace Summit is highly offensive to international law and shows that Putin has no desire to end the war, Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podoliak has said.

"There are no new 'peace proposals' from Russia. Entity Putin has voiced only the 'standard aggressor's set', which has been heard many times already. Its content is quite specific, highly offensive to international law and speaks absolutely eloquently about the incapacity of the current Russian leadership to adequately assess realities," he said on X Social Network on Friday.

According to Podoliak, "point by point, the 'proposal of RF' looks like this: 1. Give us your territories. 2. Give up your sovereignty and your subjectivity. 3. Leave yourselves unprotected (no membership in alliances). 4. Lift (together with Western countries) all sanctions in full and immediately so that we can fill our militarized economy and make more investments in information provocations around the world. Most importantly, 5. Let's urgently fix the 'not/failure of Russia' at the expense of Ukraine."

"Of course, there is no novelty in this, no real peace proposals and no desire to end the war. But there is a desire not to pay for this war and to continue it in new formats. It's all a complete sham. Therefore – once again – get rid of illusions and stop taking seriously the "proposals of Russia" that are offensive to common sense..." he said.