Canada introduces new sanctions against Russian individuals, legal entities

Canada has announced additional anti-Russian sanctions, in particular against entities "implicated in disinformation and propaganda operations," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada said in a press release.

The sanctions also include entities in Russia's military-industrial complex that supply key technology and electrical components in support of Russia's war efforts.

"In addition, the sanctions target entities involved in sanctions circumvention that facilitate Russia's access to sanctioned goods or to revenue from oil sold above the G7 price cap," the ministry said.

Today's announcement also includes export prohibitions related to computer numerically controlled machine tools that Russia could use in the production and manufacturing of weapons.

The sanctions list include, in particular, a newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, propaganda TV channels The Saint Peterburg Channel, Mariupol 24, Tavria TV, and the Voice of Europe platform.

The list of sanctioned companies includes Pobeda LLC, also known as Pobeda Airlines.

The list of sanctioned individuals includes Head of the Safe Internet League Ekaterina Mizulina and Russia's Industry and Trade Minister Anton Alikhanov.

"The measures announced today are consistent with Canada's longstanding support for Ukraine and aim to disrupt Russia's ability to wage its unlawful war by limiting access to components necessary for Russia's military efforts, denying Russia revenue it uses to fund its illegal war and undermining its disinformation operations," the ministry said.