Kuleba: German statements disappoint, harm efforts to resolve Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict

Germany's statements regarding the impossibility of transferring defense weapons to Ukraine, in particular due to the provision of permission for this to third parties, the futility of the return of Crimea, hesitation on disconnecting Russia from SWIFT - do not correspond to the level of relations with Ukraine and the current security situation, Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba has said.

"At present, the unity of the West in relation to Russia is more important than ever. To achieve it and contain Russia, we are all making great efforts together. German partners must stop undermining unity with such words and actions and encourage Vladimir Putin to launch a new attack on Ukraine," Kuleba said on his Twitter page.

At the same time, the head of the Foreign Ministry said that Ukraine is grateful to Germany for the support already provided since 2014, as well as for diplomatic efforts to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict. "But Germany's current statements are disappointing and run counter to that support and efforts," he said.