Russia-occupation forces shell peaceful settlement in Donbas for second time during the day

In Donbas, for the second time in a day, Russian mercenaries have shelled a peaceful settlement, as a result of which a private house was damaged, none of the people were injured, according to the Ukrainian side of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Ceasefire Issues (JCCC).

"For the second time today, the armed formations of the Russian Federation carried out the insidious shelling of a civilian settlement along the contact line. Shelling with the use of 122 mm cannon artillery from the Russian military formations poses a direct threat to the life and health of the civilian population and damages the houses of the civilian population," the press center of the Joint Forces Operation Headquarters reported on Facebook.

So, at 06:40 on September 16, Russian mercenaries fired at Taramchuk settlement with the use of barrel artillery of 122 mm caliber.

"During the verification of the consequences of the shelling by the observation group of the Ukrainian side of the JCCC, the fact of damage to a private house was documented. The walls, windows of the house and the adjacent territory were damaged from the rupture of a 122 mm caliber shell," it says.

No civilians were injured.

The Ukrainian side of the JCCC reported all violations of the ceasefire to the OSCE SMM.

"In the event of a further aggravation of the situation and non-observance of the ceasefire by the Russian military formations, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reserve the right to provide an adequate response with the involvement of forces and means permitted by the Minsk agreements," the Ukrainian side of the JCCC added.