Representatives of UNIFIER operation donates medical equipment to National Guard worth UAH 4.5 mln

During the celebration of the International Center of the National Guard of Ukraine, Canadian officers led by commander of the Joint Task Force of the Canadian Armed Forces in Ukraine (Operation UNIFIER) Melanie Lake donated new medical equipment for training guardsmen to the Center.

"These are educational materials that will improve training in the courses of combat medics, assistance to the wounded in combat conditions, courses of collective training of units. There are realistic dummies, moulage of various wounds, stretchers and other materials that will make the training more realistic," service of the National Guard of Ukraine said on Tuesday.

The total cost of the transferred equipment was about UAH 4.5 million.

Lake said that the courses that they conducted at the International Center are the most productive and show the fastest results. According to her, medical courses provide space for practicing the most realistic battle scenarios and fully practicing skills and abilities. She expressed confodence that the knowledge that the guardsmen received during medicine course would greatly improve the level of life preservation in the area of the Joint Forces Operation.

The officers of the High Command of the National Guard of Ukraine and the International Center thanked the personnel of Operation UNIFIER for their fruitful cooperation and goodwill. Together they reviewed all the teaching materials provided for future exercises.