Cabinet updates quarantine restrictions at different levels of epidemic

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, at a meeting on Monday updated the list of quarantine restrictions at different levels of epidemic danger, in particular, it allowed businesses to operate in the "red" zones, subject to full vaccination of workers and visitors.

So, according to the explanation of the Ministry of Health on Facebook, there is a requirement for the mandatory wearing of masks in public buildings and transport in the "green" zone.

In the "yellow" zone, in addition to the mask mode and the need to maintain a distance, it is also prohibited:

- mass events with the participation of more than one person per 4 square meters of the area of the premises or territory;

- the congestion of cinemas and other cultural institutions by more than 50% of seats;

- the congestion of gyms and fitness centers is more than one person by 10 square meters;

- the work of educational institutions, except for those where at least 80% of employees have a "yellow" or "green" COVID certificate.

These restrictions will not apply if more than 80% of staff and 100% of visitors, except for persons under 18, are vaccinated against COVID-19 with one or two doses and have presented the corresponding certificate.

Restrictions peculiar to "yellow" zone are applied to the "orange" zone. Local authorities may impose additional restrictions.

In the "red" epidemiological zone, it is prohibited:

- the work of public catering, except for targeted delivery and take-out orders;

- work of shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, theaters, entertainment establishments, cultural institutions, except for historical and cultural reserves, film and video filming;

- operation of non-food markets and shops, gyms, swimming pools and fitness centers;

- work of educational institutions, except for those where 100% of employees are vaccinated with two doses;

- holding mass events, except for official sports events and matches of team playing sports without spectators;

-  operation of hotels, hostels, etc.

-  The restrictions will not apply if all staff and all visitors, except those under 18, are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.