IC investigating Wagner PMC seeking interview with Ukraine's defense intelligence agency ex-head Burba– MP Bezuhla

The Verkhovna Rada's Temporary Commission of Inquiry (TIC) wants to hear testimony from the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency of Ukraine's Ministry of Defense Vasyl Burba regarding the investigation into the detention of terrorists from Wagner PMC (Private Military Company), Head of the Verkhovna Rada's Temporary Commission of Inquiry Maryana Bezuhla has said.

"We are planning, we have already made attempts to contact Mr. Burba to invite him to TIC hearing. We will do it again," Bezuhla told reporters at a briefing on Monday.

She said that the TIC has not yet heard back from Burba yet.

"The commission will be glad to hear him if he arrives a decision on this, since he is no longer an official. We will try to contact him againshe said.

Later, on her Facebook page, Bezuhla said that Burba got in touch after her statement.

In turn, Roman Kostenko, a member of the Holos faction, said that Burba should be heard at the TIC and "as the head of Ukraine's defense intelligence agency at that time, he tell the whole truth, how everything happened."