Tupytsky informed about suspicion of illegal use of key to sign payment documents of Constitutional Court

Law enforcement officers reported the suspicion to former head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in unauthorized interference in the operation of the automated system, which led to forgery of information, committed repeatedly, by prior agreement of a group of persons, according to the Prosecutor General's Office.

"It is established that the former head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine by prior agreement with the chief accountant of this court carried out unauthorized interference in the automated system of remote customer service of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine when signing electronic accounting documents, which distorted information about their true signatory," the message said.

Thus, according to the investigation, the former head of the Constitutional Court, after being removed from office due to suspicion in December 2020, handed over a secure electronic medium with his own qualified electronic signature key and password to the chief accountant and provided illegal instructions on further use of this key on his behalf and instead to sign payment and other documents in the automated system.

"Such unauthorized interventions took place even during the suspect's stay abroad. In particular, more than 200 electronic payment orders, electronic documents from budget commitments, the distribution of consolidated estimates, the allocation of open appropriations and estimates and the like were signed," the statement said.

The pretrial investigation in the criminal proceedings is ongoing and is being carried out by investigators from the State Bureau of Investigation.