Cabinet sets immigration quota for 2021

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has set the immigration quota for 2021 at 9,818 people.

The corresponding decision was made at a government session on Wednesday.

In particular, the quota for relatives of Ukrainian citizens (full brothers and sisters, grandparents, grandchildren and granddaughters) is 890 people; for persons who were previously citizens of the country - 396 people; for parents, spouses and minor children of immigrants - 2,140 people; and for scientists and cultural workers whose immigration meets the interests of Ukraine - 580 people.

For persons who have carried out foreign investment activities in the Ukrainian economy with foreign convertible currency in the amount of at least $100,000, immigration is established without restrictions.

In addition, this year, according to the quota, 5,706 highly qualified specialists or workers can immigrate to Ukraine, the urgent need for which is significant for the country's economy.

Among other things, a quota of 106 people has been established for persons who have served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for three or more years.

For persons who have continuously lived in the territory of the state for three years from the date of establishing the status of victims of trafficking for them, the quota has not been established.