Zelensky convinced Biden could step up negotiations in Normandy format – President's Office

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he would like the United States to participate in the Normandy format. He believes President-elect Joe Biden could step up these negotiations, the press service of the President's Office said.

"I believe that President Biden could step up our negotiations in the Normandy format, because he understands the issues of Ukraine and Russia well. Secondly, he spoke about security in Europe, and thirdly, we believe that it is not enough to talk simply about the end of the war,"

Zelensky said in an interview with The New York Times.

Zelensky also hopes for the support of the States in the process of reintegrating Donbas.

"We need the reintegration of Donbas. And to reintegrate Donbas, you need strong companies, strong technology, security and money. And here, I think, we will not cope alone. We are planning a free economic zone in Donbas, so that there are certain preferences for business to enter. And here the United States of America could play a key role. Well, we understand that the United States today is a guarantor of security in the world, a serious strategic player, so such steps could accelerate the end of the war in Donbas and the beginning of large-scale construction, large-scale reintegration of Donbas," said Zelensky.

In addition, according to him, the United States cannot do without the de-occupation of Crimea.

"We are now creating a 'Crimean platform' and, of course, we would like to see in it those countries that will be key players, key guarantors of the return and deoccupation of Crimea. Return of Crimea and our territorial integrity. And the United States could be a leader in this direction," the president added.