Ukrainian-U.S. relations can be strengthened thanks to Biden's deep relations with Ukraine - Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is convinced that Ukrainian-American relations can be strengthened thanks to the fact that the newly elected U.S. President Joe Biden had deep relations with Ukraine before his presidency, the press service of the President's Office said.

"New President Joe Biden … even before his presidency he had, so to speak, deep relations with Ukraine and understands Russians well, understands the difference between Ukraine and Russia well and I think understands the mentality of Ukrainians well. This will greatly help strengthen these relations and give a boost to the settlement of the issue of the war in Donbas and the deoccupation of our territories. I think the U.S. can add a lot to that," Zelensky said in an interview with the New York Times.

According to Zelensky, the residents of the United States themselves will not allow anti-Ukrainian rhetoric to anyone who represents the American government. "America is actually showing its support, and we are grateful for the sanctions policy - it is serious. Both the Crimean sanctions and the Nord Stream were strategically important for us. And it was very difficult."

As for the Nord Stream, the United States "played the key role here," Zelensky noted.

"So I have to thank the United States of the period of Donald Trump and his administration for that. I am grateful for the fact that Ukraine has become a NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner, for all the sanctions against Russia, and for training with NATO. Our relationship does not end. As for the economy, I think that these relations were not enough," the president said.

The head of the Ukrainian state added that Biden's messages regarding the concept of a global strategic vision of security in Europe are important for Ukraine. "Because if we talk about security in Europe, the only war in Europe today is the war in Donbas. This is a war, a war of Ukraine," he said.