Incumbent mayor Symchyshyn with 81% of votes wins in Khmelnytsky - exit poll of local edition

Incumbent mayor of Khmelnytsky Oleksandr Symchyshyn (Svoboda) is gaining 81.13% of the vote, according to the exit poll conducted by the local online edition vsim.ua.

Representative of the Servant of the People party Inna Yashchuk is in the second place with 10.78% of votes. Other candidates scored less than five percent: Ivan Honchar (Strength and Honor) - 3.19%; Bohdan Lukashuk (Batkivschyna) - 2.94%; and Anatoliy Sobko (For Specific Deeds) - 1.96%.

In the elections to Khmelnytsky City Council, the greatest support was gained by the Team of Symchyshyn - 64.22% of the votes, the Servant of the People party - 11.76%; Batkivshchyna - 5.15%. European Solidarity is gaining 4.41% of the vote, and Strength and Honor - 3.43%.

According to the information, 408 respondents were interviewed during the exit poll.