'Zelensky's poll' is biggest electoral fraud in Ukraine's history – Poroshenko

The poll initiated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is the biggest falsification of the electoral process in the entire history of independent Ukraine, fifth President of Ukraine, MP (the European Solidarity faction) Petro Poroshenko has said.

"I hoped that Zelensky would come to his senses and cancel this election campaign, which throws us away from Europe. At first it was called a 'referendum,' then a 'poll,' then 'sociology.' Then it was called what it really means, namely, illegal election campaigning of Zelensky and his 'servants.' This is the biggest falsification in the history of Ukraine," Poroshenko said after voting in the local elections, according to the press service of European Solidarity.

"This can only be compared with the falsification of Yanukovych in 2004. I very much hoped that the election campaign of Yanukovych, which was named 'Pidrahuy' [Count up] would forever disappear into oblivion," he said.

Poroshenko thanked voters who ignore the illegal poll.

"It will bring nothing but harm to Ukraine," he said.