Defendants in 'Sheremet case' plead not guilty in court

 Andriy Antonenko, Yana Duhar and Yulia Kuzmenko, accused in the case of the murder of journalist Pavlo Sheremet, do not plead guilty to their involvement in the commission of this crime in court.

According to a correspondent of Interfax Ukraine, at a meeting on Monday, the jury of Shevchenkivsky District Court of Kyiv is hearing essentially the case on charges of Antonenko, Kuzmenko and Duhar in the murder of the journalist.

In the process, the prosecutor announced the essence of the charges, from which it follows that the organizers of the murder were persons not identified by the investigation, the perpetrators were Antonenko and Kuzmenko, and Duhar was an accomplice.

Answering a questions of the court, Antonenko said that he did not understand the essence of the murder charges, since he had nothing to do with it. Antonenko said that he did not admit his guilt either under this article of the accusation, or in part of charges of possession of explosives and destruction of property.

Kuzmenko, in turn, said that she did not understand the motive indicated in the indictment, allegedly about attempts to destabilize the situation in the country and protest actions. Kuzmenko also said that she does not admit her guilt in involvement in the murder of Sheremet.

Duhar, answering a questions of the court, also said that she did not admit her guilt.

After that, the court proceeded to consider the petition of Antonenko's defense to change the preventive measure in the form of detention.