Vodafone Ukraine adds five routes in Kyiv region to Village Routes

 The mobile network operator Vodafone Ukraine together with Kyiv Regional Administration has created five routes in Kyiv region and added them to the map of rural tourist routes Village Routes.

The press service of the company said on Friday that the new tourist destinations were added in accordance with the deployment of 4G (LTE 900 MHz) network, which covers small settlements.

"In response to the tourism situation in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to prioritize safety, sparsely populated tourism, support and development of entrepreneurial activities in rural areas. In addition, right now Ukraine is undergoing another technological revolution. This is a revolution of digital equality of cities and rural regions – the launch of 4G in villages. Therefore, we are shifting the focus to attracting travelers to the Ukrainian countryside. We are grateful to Kyiv Regional Administration for partnership and invite other regions to join the content and development of the Find&Follow project," the press service of said, citing Vodafone Ukraine Director General Olha Ustynova.

In particular, new tourist routes in Kyiv-Svyatoshynsky, Brovary, Obukhiv, Volodarka, Makariv, Bohuslav districts and the Chornobyl exclusion zone have been added.

At the same time, the operator said that special attention is given to travel to the Chornobyl exclusion zone, because one can get into it only by receiving a pass through a tour operator or the State Agency of Ukraine for the Management of the Exclusion Zone.

All Village Routes are designed for one to two days. Each route contains a detailed description of locations, contact information, geolocation of each object, tips for additional excursions, meals, and accommodation.