Fokin: FEZs in Donbas can be created on principle of superficies, when investments in region are legally protected by world's leading states

Vitold Fokin, deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation to TCG, believes that a free economic zone in Donbas can be created on the principle of "superficies" to attract investments for the restoration of the war-affected region of Ukraine under legal guarantees from the leading states of the world.

"Now I am working with one smart person on what exactly kind of status should be granted to the free economic zone. The idea is extremely attractive and realistic. Together with the author of this idea, we are working on a program so that, using the method of "superficies" provided by Roman law [superficies in Roman law - the hereditary and alienated right to use a building erected on a foreign land; in modern Ukrainian law, superficies are the right to use someone else's land plot for development, a separate type of rights to someone else's property], grant the right to give land under the jurisdiction of the world's leading states, having previously familiarized themselves with the program [their use]," he said on air of the program Persona grata on UA: Ukrainian Radio.

Fokin said that the government does not give full control over the use of this land and is considering the incoming proposals. "This is land that does not lose its statehood, but is given into the hands of a person who can even transfer this land as an inheritance. This guarantees the safety of investments, it guarantees any businessman or employer, whatever you call it, the opportunity not to worry about their money," he said.

Fokin also said that he was talking about such a free economic zone for the entire Donbas, because the territory controlled by Ukraine also suffered from the war: "Is the territory that is government controlled less broken up? That's why I said that it is necessary for the entire Donbas to resolve this issue. You can you imagine if, for instance, Starobeshevsky district will have the right to create a free economic zone, but, say, Bakhmutsky district will not have such a right? It's unreasonable."

At the same time, Fokin said that he is against what Russia demands, making amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine and introducing a special regime for certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions to be prohibited by law and permanently or forever.

"The Constitution is not a thoroughfare to change it every time to please someone. The Constitution does not need to be changed. But if a decision is made to introduce free economic zones, it is provided for by the Constitution, and I think that it is possible to convince the representatives of Russia that this is a response to their request to legislate the right of the regions to a special status," he said.