Defense Ministry developing Military Security Strategy aimed at obtaining country's membership in NATO – Taran

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is working on the Military Security Strategy, based on the current doctrinal foundations of the National Security Strategy, put into effect by President of the country Volodymyr Zelenky on September 14, 2020, Defense Minister Andriy Taran has said.

"The newest National Security Strategy, adopted by the Supreme Commander, contains an unambiguous imperative to receive an invitation and join the Action Plan for NATO membership. The stated goal is full membership in the Alliance. We proceed from this in organizing our work on the draft Military Security Strategy," the ministry's press service quoted Taran as saying on Friday.

He also noted that the Ministry of Defense took an active part in the development of the National Security Strategy of Ukraine.

Now, a working group headed by First Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Rusnak has been created to process the drafts of the Ukrainian Military Security Strategy and the Strategic Defense Bulletin of Ukraine. In addition to specialists from the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it includes representatives of the President's Office, the National Security and Defense Council, the Cabinet Secretariat, the National Institute for Strategic Studies that make up the defense forces, as well as the Council for Assisting the Implementation of Reforms of the Ministry of Defense and the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense.

"The outstripping pace of rapprochement with the Alliance, as evidenced by the granting of the status of a partner with expanded capabilities to Ukraine back in June, makes it possible to speak of the achievability of the implementation of such an ambitious goal as full membership in NATO. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has already begun systematic work to accelerate defense reform in line with NATO norms, principles and standards. This found practical and concrete content in the form of projects introduced in ten priority areas," Taran emphasized.