Ukrainian serviceman died due to careless handling of grenade – JFO HQ

 Russian-occupation forces violated the ceasefire in Donbas twice over the past day, a Ukrainian serviceman was killed due to careless handling of a grenade, the press center of the Joint Force Operation (JFO) headquarters said.

"In the area of Novotoshkivske, one Ukrainian defender was killed as a result of careless handling of a grenade," the headquarters said on its Facebook page in the morning.

The headquarters said that over the past day, on September 16, in the zones of responsibility of our brigades, two violations of the ceasefire by Russian-occupation forces in Donbas were recorded.

In particular, a shot towards the Ukrainian positions using a grenade launcher was recorded near Katerynivka, and unaimed shot from small arms was detected in the area of Vodiane. "These fire provocations of the enemy did not pose a threat to our defenders, so the Ukrainian units did not use weapons in response. There are no combat losses or injuries among the Ukrainian defenders as a result of the shots," the Ukrainian military said.

Since the beginning of the current day, on September 17, ceasefire has been observed in all sectors of the front, no fire provocations from Russian-occupation forces have been recorded.

"Units of the Joint Forces comply with the terms of the ceasefire and are ready to adequately respond to any enemy actions," the headquarters said.