Ombudsperson's office identifies Telegram bot distributed personal data of Ukrainian servicemen

The Department of Personal Data Protection of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights has identified a chat bot in the Telegram messenger, in which the personal data of almost 7,000 Ukrainian servicemen have been made public.

The press service of the Ombudsperson's office said on the Facebook page that the tabular file contained personal data (full name, numbers of military units, confirmation dates of unauthorized leave of military units) of about 6,907 servicemen.

"In order to promptly suppress the illegal dissemination of personal data of citizens of Ukraine, which amid military aggression on the part of the Russian Federation can also cause significant damage to the defense capability of the state, the Secretariat of the Commissioner sent letters to the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine with the aim of taking response measures by the relevant authorities within their competence, " the Ombudsperson's office said in the statement.

In particular, the Ombudsperson's office asked to immediately block the Telegram bot, which today continues to distribute the specified file with personal data.

Thus, on August 6, the National Police of Ukraine informed the Ombudsperson's office that it was reported that Solomiansky district police department of the National Police Directorate in Kyiv initiated criminal proceedings on this fact under Part 1 of Article 182 (violation of privacy) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.