Zelensky: banking sector offers candidates for NBU head, they are being considered

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has noted that various representatives of the banking sector had offered him candidates for the post of governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), and they are now being considered.

"As for the candidacy for the head of the National Bank of Ukraine, I had three big discussion meetings. Within the framework of a professional dialogue, I met with all the heads of state banks of Ukraine to receive from them both candidates and their personal impression of this whole situation. They are all quite calm about the dismissal of the NBU governor, everyone does not see any risks. We have been told many times that a U.S. dollar will cost UAH 100 tomorrow. All this is some kind of fantasy," he said at a briefing in the city of Yuzhny, Odesa region.

Zelensky noted that he had met with all the deputies from the current board of the National Bank and received recommendations from them, met with almost all representatives of commercial banks in Ukraine.

"We are studying all three lists that these, let's say, three separate "tables" of the banking sector have suggested to us. We are also studying through law enforcement agencies in order to know what kind of people they are and what their condition is. I already got information from bankers about their professional level. We have time, there will be meetings with leaders from the list proposed for the head of the National Bank of Ukraine. I don't see any problems," he said.