Cabinet of Ministers approves Lviv's unification with villages, towns affiliated to it

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at its meeting on Wednesday has approved a perspective plan of the development of communities in Lviv region, in particular, made almost all population areas the parts of Lviv, Holos faction member Roman Lozynsky told Interfax-Ukraine.

"The biggest intrigue of today's meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers was a question how would Lviv look like after decentralization: a 'large' one or it will be deprived of all surrounding villages and towns," he told Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday.

"Despite the fact that the city government did not held enough discussions and did not convince surrounding settlements to join Lviv voluntarily, they wanted to be separate (territorial communities), today the government approved Lviv as 'large' and all the settlements are affiliated to it, except for Sokilnyky, who have already been created and submitted their documents, as a separate community. Lviv will be 'a large one' – all neighboring settlements will join it," the parliamentarian added.