SBI used special unit in Honchar Museum because investigators blocked, force not used –statement

Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) has completed investigative actions in the Ivan Honchar Museum, where paintings from the family collection of the fifth president of Ukraine, MP Petro Poroshenko were exhibited.

The SBI said this in a statement issued on Tuesday evening.

"At the same time, the museum administration and other persons obstructed the investigation. Taking into account the events that took place on the territory of the museum, a special unit of the State Bureau of Investigations was involved to properly carry out the necessary investigative actions," it said.

The SBI said Poroshenko was repeatedly informed about the summons to the SBI for questioning, but "never showed up."

The SBI said learned from the media that Poroshenko is in the Honchar Museum, and in order to hand over the notice of the summons for questioning and investigation, SBI agents went there.

"Petro Poroshenko, learning of the possible arrival of SBI investigators, left his wife and left the museum. It was Poroshenko's wife as a relative of the witness in accordance with the requirements of Ukraine's Code of Criminal Procedure and received summons," the SBI said.

The SBI reportedly summoned Poroshenko for questioning on May 26 as a witness in a case of illegal movement of cultural property across the state border.