Normandy-format summit not being prepared because of constantly changing position of one side – Peskov

Moscow thinks it is senseless to discuss an exact date of the Normandy-format summit just yet, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

"There is no precise date for now, and there cannot be such. You are aware of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin's position: preparations must be made before the summit. It is impossible to carry out preparations as of yet because of the constantly changing position of one of the sides," Peskov said.

He answered affirmatively to the question of whether the Kremlin believed there was an impasse in the Normandy format. "The Normandy format has been struggling indeed," Peskov said.

"A package of agreements was approved in the Normandy format some time ago. Yet one of the parties keeps deviating from those agreements and hindering preparations for the summit, which is both possible and absolutely necessary," he said.

"Whenever a party claims the existence of new approaches, the Normandy format experiences certain problems with due preparations for the summit. This process consumes precious time," Peskov said.